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15. april 2016
Where we’re at, and where we’re going
Back in February, our Minister Matt Hancock launched the Sprint 16 event with this message: “We’re transforming the relationship between citizen and state.”That’s the goal, but where are GDS today.

10 Things Facebook’s Given Away to Take Over the World
As Facebook reminded us this week at its F8 developer conference, it’s always liked free stuff. That’s part of its plan to take over the world.

Inside Intercom
Making sense of customer feedback – Inside Intercom
What customer feedback should you listen to, how do you go about making sense of it and how do you turn into something that informs your product roadmap?

Inside Intercom
Lessons Learned in Growing a Product – Inside Intercom
Recorded live at Business of Software, Des shares some hard-learned lessons on growing a product business.

Harvard Business Review
Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy
Scale now trumps differentiation

Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure
“Great dreams aren’t just visions,” says Astro Teller, “They’re visions coupled to strategies for making them real.” The head of X (formerly Google X), Teller takes us inside the “moonshot factory,” as it’s called, where his team seeks to solve the world’s biggest problems through experimental projects like balloon-powered Internet and wind turbines that sail through the air.

the Guardian
Medium and Twitter founder: ‘We put junk food in front of them and they eat it’
Ev Williams on feedback loops, giving a home to publishers, and finding critical mass.

Sizing the Fintech Opportunity
One of the newest buzzwords floating around in the VC ecosystem and the financial services industry is Fintech. Here’s the state of Fintech today.

CB Insights – Blog

156 Startup Failure Post-Mortems
A compilation of startup failure post-mortems by founders and investors.

Designers, Forget What You Learned at Art SchoolAdvice for creatives who want to succeed in today’s digital workplace, writes Lorna Feeney of IBM Interactive Experience.
“Should Designers Code?” fetishizes tech over other crucial design skills
I’m writing a book on building effective in-house design teams. I recently completed a draft of the chapter on professional development for designers. The following is inspired by that.

Digitalist Magazine
Transforming Digital Visions Into Reality: It’s A Journey, Not A Destination
To learn how digital transformation innovations are bringing new models and opportunities into businesses, listen to people who’ve done it successfully.

Design Council
Why we underestimate the economic value of design
The design economy has a key role to play in improving the prosperity of the UK. Yet a recent review of official statistics suggests we may be underestimating the productivity of the design economy. Stephen Miller discusses the challenges of calculating the true value that design contributes to the economy. (355KB)

Designing for Young Adults (Ages 18–25)
Millennials exhibit unique behaviors and approaches to interfaces. They’re confident and error prone, and have high expectations of websites.

Becoming SuperHuman
David Allen of Getting Things Done on Productivity, Spiritual Exploration, & What it all Means – Becoming SuperHuman
We sit down with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, and talk everything from productivity to psychedelic drugs and meditation.

How to measure culture — The XPLANE Collection
Few executives would disagree that the culture of an organization is a vitally important element of any strategic initiaves

HPE Enterprise Forward
The path to self-disruption: Nine steps of a digital transformation journey – HPE Enterprise Forward
Digital disruption. For far-sighted executives, the digital transformation journey answers the need to disrupt themselves, accelerate time to value, and stay competitive in today’s idea economy
10 Principles for Digital Disruption
Digital upstarts are rewriting the rules of strategy, adopting winning principles almost instinctively. Traditional incumbents and hybrids should take note.

MIT Technology Review
Technology Is Wiping Out Companies Faster than Ever
The lifespan of great corporations is getting shorter and shorter

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