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The getting back to work edition.

29. juli 2016

A Deficit of Idealism: Tim O’Reilly on the Next Economy — NewCo Shift
“The obligation, and the self‑interest of every company is to build a robust society.”

The Framework for Brainstorming Anything — AJ&Smart Stories
A systematic approach to ideating on products, features, services or anything really.

Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech
Social Media and the Workplace
Workers turn to social media for a range of reasons while at work, with taking a mental break and connecting with friends and family being among the most common.
Master Plan, Part Deux
Elon Musk’s just wort up a new master plan for Tesla, going from cars to transportation in large, from batteries to energy. Inspiring.

Learning from other people’s customer experience mistakes – Raconteur
Examples of poor customer experience abound, but you can learn from other people’s mistakes

Harvard Business Review
How Netflix Reinvented HR
Trust people, not policies. Reward candor. And throw away the standard playbook
The self-steering and care-driven teams of Buurtzorg: How Lean are they?
What can other organizations learn from Buurtzorg? This home care provider is completely self-steering. Small local teams decide according to their own judgement, what care matches best with the wishes of their customers. De facto, these teams function as mini-companies. CEO Jos De blok criticizes the bureaucratic control of the home care in the Netherlands, with the aim to serve nine standard products as cheap as possible.

The Secret to Building High-performance Teams
What makes certain teams excel and others perform below par? In a new book, Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance, Mario Moussa, Madeline Boyer and Derek Newberry divulge the surprising secrets to developing a high-performance team and the common mistakes groups make that hinder their cooperation.
Defining Product Design: A Dispatch from Airbnb’s Design Chief
Airbnb VP of Design Alex Schleifer shares how design can become a more intentional, integrated discipline — and why it must be in order to better build products

Pokénomics: How Pokémon Go can turn success into dollars
Here’s how the mobile game became a social and financial phenomenon within weeks
We’re Just Temporarily Abled : Designing for the Future : Designing for the Future
We aren’t just designing accessible products and websites for a subgroup of people who we may or may not know, who have permanent visual or motor issue

Boing Boing
In the future you will own nothing and have access to everything
In this excerpt from The Inevitable, Kevin imagines a future were people own nothing but have access to everything. Design fiction, done well.

Harvard Business Review
Kodak’s Downfall Wasn’t About Technology
What it missed was the business mode

User Experience and Digital Transformation with Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter | CXOTalk
User experience is one of the most important and least understood aspects of digital transformation. For this episode, we talk with a leading world expert about user experience and how to engage consumers in the best way possible.

Also there is a host of interesting CXO talks here:
The Ten Types of Corporate Innovation Programs
These established companies are struggling to keep up with fast-paced, venture-backed startups that are changing customer expectations — and often causing business model disruption for traditional businesses. To combat this ever-growing threat, corporations are stepping up their investments in innovation and deploying a variety of strategies, as outlined in the following table.

Fast Company
The Three New Rules Of Growth Hacking
How do the classic “7Ps” of marketing stack up in the era of social media

Keeping pace with digital disruption: Regulating the sharing economy — World of Opportunity
By Cecile Fruman and Aris Molfetas
How Open Source Guides Digital Transformation
Almost everyone can agree the digital era is being fueled by five primary forces — mobile, social, sensor technologies, big data and the cloud. But doesn’t open source play a role in digital transformation as well?

Hyper Island
How Businesses can Benefit from Short Sprints
Working in sprints is something both small and big businesses can do in order to help their teams be more creative

Nine Nasty UX Truths — Radical UX
There’s much to learn on the internet about UX theory, but the tips below are 100% the result of hard-earned experience… a.k.a. painful…

this piece is written 20 years ago. interesting..
Strategy and the New Economics of Information
Technology is dissolving the glue that holds traditional value chains together, enabling individual links to follow their own underlying economics.

And also give this album a spin.

The Avalanches (Spotify link)

We have been enjoying it in the office, funky, poetic, clever, noisy and with great beats – just how we like it around here.
Don’t trust us? Pitchfork also liked it. There you go!

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