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The Citius, Altius, Fortius Edition

19. august 2016

Video galore…
The Conference by Media Evolution – all the videos
If you like us weren’t able to attend The Conference in Malmø this week. Here is all the talks. Will keep you busy through the weekend.

A few our top picks…

Bud Caddell – The Conference by Media Evolution
Organizing for the unpredictable
“The world is swimming in shitty managers.”Bud Caddell is the Founding Member of NOBL Collective – a hybrid design studio and management consultancy.

John Willshire – The Conference by Media Evolution
Strategy is Dead – Long Live Meta-Strategy
Where once a strategy would hold for years, we are now witnessing a world in which a strategy can’t even hold for the time it takes to formulate one.

How Default Settings Rule the World — Pacific Standard
The designers who decide defaults have immense, potentially life-saving power

Fast Company
Forget Micromanaging, Hands-Off Leadership Could Hurt Workers More
Hovering isn’t terribly helpful, but hands-off management can hurt the team even more.

Harvard Business Review
Why Organizations Don’t Learn
Our traditional obsessions—success, taking action, fitting in, and relying on experts—undermine continuous improvement.
The Problem With Microsoft SharePoint? People
It’s not you, Microsoft — or your highly anticipated, eagerly awaited SharePoint 2016. It’s us — the users. That’s the conclusion of new research.

Silicon Valley Has A “Problem” Problem — The Mission
The issue with our ‘Change The World’ narrative.
Digital Disruption: Surviving Disruptive Technology Innovation
See how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is preparing companies for digital disruption and helping them thrive despite disruptive technology innovation.
Digital Innovation Hubs – Accenture Strategy
Digital Innovation Hubs- Swift, agile and ruthlessly customer focused

Spotify Labs Simon Nadav Cohen
To Coach or Not to Coach?
A little while back during a coaching book club, a few Spotify coaches started a discussion about a common pitfall they found: why do we default to the coaching stance so much?

Sitra Studies
Perspectives on new work (PDF)
The transformation – the road from the past to the future
great collections articels on the future of work edited by Esko Kilpi

McKinsey & Company
The CEO guide to customer experience
Companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors

Open Source Won. So, Now What?
Open source now runs the world. But it still faces problems

US gov
Digital Services Playbook
The American people expect to interact with government through digital channels such as websites, email, and mobile applications. By building digital services that meet their needs, we can make the delivery of our policy and programs more effective. Follow this playbook of 13 key “plays” drawn from successful practices from the private sector and government that, if followed together, will help government build effective digital services.
Federal Source Code Policy | Introduction
Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software

TechCrunch Jonathan Shieber
Werner Herzog’s meditations on a connected world
From online gamers solving genetic puzzles that have stumped the worlds greatest super computers to the mind-reading potential of the most refined MRIs, these are a few of the innovations that most impressed director Werner Herzog as he explored the potential of the Internet in his new film “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.” Premiering August 19. We are excited.

Enterprise Digital Blog
Interview from #ioms16 Lee Bryant about “Defining the Operating Model for the Digital Enterprise”
There is not ONE future model for the digital enterprise, says Lee Bryant, and he refers to the next phase of evolution where we can really see the benefits of new ways of working and create agile, responsive organisations.

Russell Davies
I Have A Little List
Russel Davies keep a list in my head of the awful reality of today’s IT.

O’Reilly Media
6 things to look for in Next:Economy companies
How to spot a Next:Economy company.

and finally…

The New York Times
Can You Beat Usain Bolt Out of the Blocks?
Usain Bolt’s reaction time out of the starting blocks in the 100-meter final at the London Olympics was 0.155 of a second. Try to beat it.

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