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The jack no more edition

9. september 2016

So what happend besides Apple cutting the cords on the headphones this week…
Using mob programming to solve a problem
Tthe best way to solve something tricky is to share the problem.Often, it’s not a case of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, it’s a chance for us to get as many brains as possible thinking about the same thing.

Vimeo MindLab
MindLabMorgen on digitization
Harry Trimble from GDS Government Digital Services (UK) visited Copenhagen to talk about why and how GDS kicks butt on making UK digital – here is a short recap of some of his points from the talk.

YouTube IBM
Disruptive Innovation: Design Thinking and Cognitive
Have the vision to consider disruptive innovation for your own company. Embrace design thinking cultures to co-create new products and services. Challenge creators to redefine the way humans and computers interact.

UserTesting Blog
4 Lean Startup Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Product
You aren’t designing a product yet. You’re just learning. four traps startups run into—and how for avoiding them.

World Economic Forum
The jobs of the future – and two skills you need to get them
Maths ability will get you furthest, says Harvard’s Davis Deming. As long as you’ve got the social skills to go with it.

Nieman Lab
Schibsted is pooling its tech and product resources, with a wary eye towards platforms like Facebook
How Schibsted is making focused and embedded product teams that figures out what really works, and then if they nail it, they can scale it.

TechCrunch Hemant Taneja
The need for algorithmic accountability
There is a new generation of companies exerting such great influence on society that theyre essentially becoming utilities. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Uber are near monopolies that provide services as integral to our modern life as power, telephone and transportation systems were a century ago.

McKinsey & Company
What sales executives need to get right for digital success
To realize the full value potential of digital, successful sales organizations reorganize top to bottom, front end to back end. Here’s their road map.
The Power of the Elastic Product Team — Airbnb’s First PM on How to Build Your Own
Over the last 5 years, Jonathan Golden has watched Airbnb explode in size and productivity. Here’s what that journey looked like on the product team that powered it.

Five Principles for Building Corporate Innovation Ecosystems – The Corporate Startup
Corporate leadership would have to be in a special kind of denial to not see how these changes in technology and economics are impacting their businesses. There is no longer the option to keep our heads in the sand. Companies have to respond. What is more challenging now is deciding exactly what companies should do.
Digitizing Europe: Why Northern European Frontrunners Must Drive Digitization Of The EU Economy
Boston Consulting Group has looked at Europe’s digital frontrunner countries and assert that EU must make digitization a top priority and provide strong European leadership at the highest political levels to guide cooperation across nations to secure future growth and employment. While the positive impact of digitization is expected to benefit the entire continent, some EU nations stand to gain more than others and therefore should help pull Europe toward a more digitized economy for the benefit of all.

Google also commisioned Boston Consulting Groupreport on Denmark via Di Digital specfically, interesting read: Digitizing Denmark
How Denmark can drive and benefit from an accelerated digitized economy in europe (PDF) 

Voice search and chatbots are transforming commerce – Raconteur
Shopping and doing business with a chatbot or an online digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence is a growing trend set to transform commerce.

Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Google, Uber, and the Evolution of Transportation-as-a-Service
The competition between Uber and Google has broken out into the open: who has the advantage in the evolution of transportation-as-a-service, and who will likely win?

The New York Times By ALLISON ARIEFF
Solving All the Wrong Problems
Do we really need an app that lets us brew our coffee from anywhere?

Platforms Are Eating The World
Today, power is shifting from corporations to platforms and the best way to become a dominant player is to become an indispensable partner.

Soon We Won’t Program Computers. We’ll Train Them Like Dogs
Welcome to the new world of artificial intelligence. Soon, we won’t program computers. We’ll train them. Like dolphins. Or dogs. Or humans.

African Business Central
Zuckerberg’s visit is a validation for betting big on Nigeria
a relaxed and interesting conversation with Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg during his visit to Nigeria.

The Art of Designing With Heart – Signal v. Noise
How to make useful, friendly software for real people

The 44 Most-Loved Products Launched in Summer 2016 – Product Hunt
Summer is typically the time when we leave work early on Fridays, take our vacations, and enjoy the extra hours of sunlight
Only Transparent and Open Practices Generate Opportunity For Your Network
We confuse ‘open’ and ‘transparent’, and sometimes treat them as the same thing. But they are different. And, they are both critical to innovation.

the Guardian
How algorithms rule our working lives | Cathy O’Neil
The Long Read: Employers are turning to mathematically modelled ways of sifting through job applications. Even when wrong, their verdicts seem beyond dispute – and they tend to punish the poor.

Help Us Advance Data Equality – What’s The Future of Work?
We all know that data is the fuel of the modern digital economy. Equal access to public data — from the largest company to the smallest startup or charity — is a matter of economic equality, and critical to an economy that’s firing on all cylinders. but how do we get it to work.

InVision Blog
Is your project pointless? – InVision Blog
Ask yourself these 3 questions to make sure you’re working on a project that matters.

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