Co-design forskning i deleøkonomi samt produktudvikling af digital community platform for ældre og deres netværk

The 3 years EU funded project Give&Take aim at empowering senior citizens in exchanging skills and services in their local community, through a digital platform.

Through co-design methods and democratic design, the project relies heavily on end-user interaction. The vision is to create a collaborative support network for a better and engaged life for senior citizens. Socialsquare is responsible for several deliverables and is leading the design, product development and the dissemination as well the market introduction of the future digital platform.

Socialsquare is working together with the partners IT University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, The Municipality of Frederiksberg, Technical University of Vienna and as a technical partner TakeTheWind from Portugal.

The project is funded by EU through the AAL ACTIVE ASSISTED LIVING PROGRAMME.

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