Student Project

Want to write a student project in collaboration with us?

11. april 2016


  • Using Socialsquare as a case study. (Researching organisational processes, methods, or tools we use).
  • Using Socialsquares clients as a case study (Researching clients challenges and opportunities).
  • Using Socialsquare as advisers on a specific topic (Researching a topic related to strategic digitalization).
  • Using Socialsquare as a partner in a product thesis (Developing a product or a service).

Depending on the type of collaboration, we will discuss how best to support the student throughout the process. We stress that the student must always write the assignment according to the curriculum and the formalities surrounding their study programme. We are not taking the role of an academic advisor but representing the commercial perspective.

Topic suggestions

  1. Scrum/Agile development meets user centered design – theory and methodology.
  2. Digital transformation – what are the digital challenges companies and/or public institutions are facing?
  3. Co-Design “tools” in digital product development.  
  4. IoT – Design methodology and ethical or legal framework for the Internet of Things.
  5. App design and product development.
  6. Lean UX methodology.
  7. Games/gamification of productivity data in the organisation.
  8. A Creative Commons for Licensing Data/API/end-user licensing rights.
  9. Use of Open Data / API’s in companies and public institutions.
  10. Founder team in digital learning platform startup.
  11. Digital collaboration technologies for organisations – benchmarking and best practices.

What we offer

  • Direct access into the company’s data, resources and experiences.
  • The opportunity to gain access to our clients.
  • Feedback from the company throughout the project process.
  • The project will be of practical relevance to the company.
  • Research experience.
  • Networking opportunities.

Depending on the capacity, we offer students a place to work from. However all agreements in relation to desk space are flexible and need to be adjustable based on our available capacity and resources.  We have limited space and need to prioritize the members of the organisation.

Opportunity to join our lunch offer where members of the organisation for a reasonable price get a nice lunch every day of the week.

What we expect from the student

  • Participation in demo day præsentations where you describe your project.
  • One or more blog posts. The perspective needs to fit the marketing plan.
  • Presentation of final project / access to read the project
  • Potential option to speak at a Socialsquare event.

General guidelines

Capacity: No more than 2-3 master students at once.  

The topic: Socialsquare needs to see the relevance/value in the project. It need to provide us with new knowledge and/or inspiration. Furthermore the topic needs to relate to the marketing themes Socialsquare are focusing on in the spring Q.

Human resources: For each student there will be a:

  • Student project coordinator in charge of overseeing the project and coordinating interactions internally
  • Student advisor providing the student with guidance within the topic of the thesis. Depending on the topic this can be the same person.

Time investment: We estimate one hour pr. week pr. role (Student project coordinator/Student advisor

Budget: Depending on the agreement we estimate an investment correlating to 1 man hours pr. /student pr. week for the duration of 4 months.

Choosing a candidate: If the interest is higher than the capacity, and all the candidates have topics that fits within the themes in focus, we willapproach the choice between candidates like it is a job interview.

If you at this point think that this will be a great opportunity…

Please, send an e-mail to Write “Student Project” in the subject field and tell us why you want to collaborate with us and what you would like to write about. Also include information about your educational institution, project type, start/delivery date and contact information.

Please if you have questions contact us at

Also read more about what we do at

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